Technical – Internal Install

Technical – Internal Install

Installing the internal version

The internal version consists of a ready- wired EFUSE with an adapter that is inserted into the internal fuse holder of the device that is to be modified.

To do this, remove the conventional fuse inside the device and replace it with the fuse adapter. The adapter ensures that the current consumed by the device is routed from the fuse holder to the EFUSE and then back again. The cables are labelled to show which is the input connection and which is the output connection for the electronic fuse.

If the LED on the EFUSE does not light up when the device is switched on, the input and output connections may have been reversed and the EFUSE therefore not activated. In this case, the fuse adapter will need to be turned 180° in the fuse holder. Next, use the enclosed insulation displacement connector or a soldering device to connect the neutral wire with the neutral conductor of the device (usually a blue wire) at any point inside the device enclosure.

If your device has a protective earth (usually a green/yellow wire, leave it untouched. Finally, position the EFUSE casing in a suitable place inside the device. Use the enclosed self-adhesive touch fastener strap to secure the casing in place.

We strongly recommend this work is done by a qualified specialist. If the conventional fuse for your device is located outside the device enclosure, e.g. in the power plug or in a fuse holder with a screw connection, you should use only the external version of the EFUSE.

Opening and modifying your device could void the manufacturer’s warranty. Before opening the device, please ensure it has been disconnected from the power source.