Technical – Connecting External

Technical – Connecting External

Connecting the external EFUSE

Our EFUSE electronic fuse is supplied in a high-quality wooden case that also contains the user guide and a rhodium-plated copper pin. It also comes with labels that need to be applied to your equipment where they can be clearly seen.

These labels state that the internal fuse has been removed and that equipment must be operated exclusively with the external EFUSE electronic fuse.

The copper pin replaces the conventional use in your device. To install it, simply remove the conventional fuse from its holder and insert the copper pin in its place. The conventional fuse may be located inside the device, in which case the device will need to be opened to gain access to the fuse. We recommend this is done by a qualified specialist.

Please note that the connector of the EFUSE deliberately has a very tight connection with the connector on your device. This is designed to prevent the EFUSE from being inadvertently removed and replaced with a conventional power cord.