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Our Products

EFUSE Compact

The Efuse Compact is intended for customers who own high-quality power cables and wish to use these in combination with the EFUSE. EFUSE Compact has an integrated ICL and can be ordered in three versions:

The EFUSE Cable has a short cable as inlet and socket as outlet. EFUSE Connect has a socket as in- and outlet and requires two cables for use. The EFUSE Choice can be equipped with cables of your choosing by a trusted professional


The EFUSE Cable Two has the device cable integrated. The advantage being, that you not only get the EFUSE, but a cable and plug of the highest quality along with it. The EFUSE has built-in surge protection and can be ordered with or without ICL, so it can be used with high power amplifiers.

EFUSE Powerbar

The Efuse Powerbar is intendet for all those who want to use the Efuse with their entire hifi setup. The Powerbar is thus available with 6, 8 or 10 sockets. Additionally, you have the choice of using an integrated cable or a cable of your choosing.

With Socket
With Cable/p>


The EFUSE Intern Blue is intended for customers who don’t want to use the external EFUSE, or whose systems do not support it. For use, the device is opened (preferrably by a professional) and the EFUSE is integrated where there is space, replacing the traditional fuse with its connector. It can be ordered with or without ICL, the addition of which is recommended for devices with a high inrush current.


The copper stick is produced from special, high purity material and rhodium-plated, making it harder than gold, but also preventing microcrystals and oxidising.