Technical – FAQ

Technical – FAQ

What about the quality of the used power cable?

The cable is pretty good but we can´t generally say it beats every high end cable. I guess for people who are not very expensively equipped with cables it is a great solution.

Would it be possible to get Efuse with Furutech or other premium plugs?

This is no technical issue. We are working on this. The price of the Efuse has than to be adjusted accordingly.

Would it be possible to use my own power cable?

We found that many customers wish to use their own cable. For these customers we designed the Efuse Compact, which comes in three versions. One where you can directly use your own cable, one which has a short inlet cable with plug and one solution where a cable to your own wishes can be permanently attached. We suggest the last option to be done by your dealer.

Can I adjust the Efuse by myself?

You can adjust the switching level easily by yourselves. After unscrewing the top screws you can remove the cover and reposition a jumper which defines the switching level. This will take a couple of minutes. This holds for all models. For security reasons the Efuse has to be unplugged from power of course. Let do this by your dealer when you feel unsecure.

What experiences do you have with the internal version?

Of course you need some free place in your equipment for it. We inserted it in an Accuphase DP510-Player, which has an appropriate empty place. It also fits very nicely in the T+A Multiplayer which we used on the High End 2018 in Munich just for demonstration purposes. Nevertheless the internal version is more thought for equipment with fixed cables or somehow exotic design so the external version can´t be used in any way. I personally would always recommend the external version when possible. There is no difference in the function of the different versions.

What experiences do you have with Hifi-Fuses?

The start of the Efuse was our disappointment with the High End Fuses. We tried different ones and found only a small improvement. In some cases they were even worse than the standard fuses. And don’t forget: We are flying to the moon but concerning fuses we still work with a solution which Thomas Edison might has invented.

What is the meaning of ESB?

ESB= Einschalt Strom Begrenzung = Inrush  current limiting

What about the power bar concerning an external adjustment?

In the power bar there is plenty of space for an externally adjustable switch and it makes sense to use this option here. The customer might like to power his full hifi equipment with the power bar. So he will have the option to set the trigger level to exactly the value where the Efuse is just not triggered. This is of course a compromise but so he reaches a maximum security level for just this constellation without the need to spend an Efuse for every device.
Nevertheless the Efuse is so much faster and more precise than a standard fuse that also equipment with lower current rating benefit from this constellation.

Why is a standard (Hifi Fuse) fuse not a good solution?

According to the established standards (DIN) a fuse has to blow at 10 times his current rating in a certain time, e. g. ~ 0,2s in a slow blow fuse. If a device uses a standard 1A fuse this fuse will blow in a short time < 1s at about 10A. But it can also happen that 2A or 3A will run for half an hour without destroying the fuse. So a standard fuse actually doesn´t provide a high level of safety for your equipment. The Efuse on the other hand switches off in about 0,1-0,2s nearly independent of the current and with a small tolerance region of ~5%. It is even so, that the Efuse has a kind of intelligence. It will get even faster with high current levels, so protecting your equipment much better the higher the overcurrent.
Additional to the safety aspect the improvement in sound with the Efuse is enormously.
Standard fuses can have resistance values up to 10 Ohm whereas the resistance of even the Efuse cable version ranges lower than 40mOhm. You will be astonished what difference that makes.

What would be a good start with Efuse?

A good start would be to order just the Copper Bar to get a feeling for the possible improvement of your equipment. You will find that the sound quality will improve drastically, especially with source equipment like preamplifiers, CD-Players, streamers or so. Then make up your mind what kind of Efuse solution would be appropriate for you. For very powerful amplifiers it might be necessary to use an Efuse version with integrated inrush current limiting. Some amps draw so much inrush current that the Standard Efuse is triggered even with higher trigger levels. Here an Efuse with inrush current limiting is a much better solution.